Who We Are

We represent possibilities.

Film festivals are an essential element in every film distribution strategy giving you a jump start in the industry by providing exposure and showcasing your imagination to the world.

With our vast experience, Film Festivals To Go (FFTG) brings you closer to gaining exposure in several ways. Through your film’s content we find you the right festival to apply to. We decide that based on a variety of factors such as the genre, past screenings and submission deadlines, etc.

We know for a fact that every complete product has a market. We facilitate this belief by walking hand-in-hand as your personal consultant and adviser and share insights purely based on our hands-on experience. The road that we have travelled so far in the most cost-effective manner. We provide the nuggets to get you moving. We engage only to enhance your journey.

FFTG is more than just the middleman you go to, to get things done. We are the company you want to keep close so that all you are left with is the magic and joy of creating films along with the unparalleled experience of a smooth production.


Because with the right guidance we know you will succeed.

There are more options than ever for marketing & distributing your film, but there’s also a complicated landscape to navigate and many pitfalls to avoid. To pick the right festivals becomes quite a daunting task, that’s where FFTG comes in to assist. Getting your film exposure to the right festival is an art of its own. Not only do you need to be aware about the content you submit and follow the procedure, but, just as importantly, you need to make sure that the festivals you submit to are serving your goals.

We’ve all heard about a Sundance, Cannes or Toronto premiere being the Holy Grail, without which your film is dead on arrival. That just isn’t true anymore. The good news is that festivals, no longer, are limited to Sundance, Toronto, Cannes or even Tribeca. Filmmakers now enjoy festivals the year round, all around the world. There are 3000+ festivals worldwide that offer a chance to boost your presence on the international circuit, get representation, distribute your film and find funding for your next project. While it's true that getting accepted in top film festivals could launch your career in a big way, we also know films that were accepted at top tier prestigious festivals never saw the light of day. Likewise, many amazing films have been not accepted at major festivals and have gone on to garner awards, nominations amd get distribution.

Due to our vast hands-on experience we work with you to expand your reach to a wider network of relevant festivals whereby the acceptance probability could work in your favor.

We get you on to the stage quicker than you can imagine. Walk your own path to watch this magical world of movie making; distribution and recognition unfold through your own experience!

Who Is at the Helm

Film Festivals To Go™ (FFTG) is a New York based consulting company, an initiative by Rohit Gupta, a multi award-winning filmmaker and an entrepreneur who has setup, led and mentored several startups from the ground-up to enhance brand and market shares in the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets. His film portfolio includes independent feature films Midnight Delight, Life! Camera Action.... His first film Another Day Another Life, a four-minute suspense thriller flick made on a budget of $100 went on to win over fifty International accolades including an official selection at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival.

Rohit's films have won numerous international accolades with some of the highest honors and distributed across various platforms worldwide through VOD and digital platforms. With his experience of making movies, track record of winning awards, distributing films, there is none more familiar with the process of making a film, taking it to the international film festival circuit, and assist in identifying channels for global distribution.

He holds an M.B.A degree from Wingate University in North Carolina, and an alumnus of the New York Film Academy.

Who Is at the Helm

Esha Tewari is a film producer, actor, an entreprenuer who resides in California, US. As a partner at FFTG, Esha is committed to nurturing independent filmmakers in order to maximize opportunities for their films in the international markets by helping them secure visibility, awards, opportunities and recognition within the industry circuit.

Having done over 30 commercials as a model & multiple off-Broadway and off-off Broadway shows in New York, Esha forayed into the production and acting space with the movie 'Simran'. Since then her credits include independent films such as 'Here I Am', 'The Bullet Chronicles Lands End', 'The Situation'. She holds the 2nd runner-up Ms. India 2013 title along with the title of Mrs. Beautiful Hair of Mrs.India Worldwide. She has been on the judging panel for several international fashion and beauty contests including 'Fem Miss North India' and 'Mr. India Worldwide'.

Esha started her career in the corporate world and has worked with brands including Pepsi, Jaguar, IBM, BMW, Godiva, HSBC, TK Maxx, Diesel, Mazda.

Esha holds an M.B.A degree from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University in India and a certification in Phycology from the University of Toronto.